Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Principal photography wrapped

We wrapped principal photography on May 31. Pro tip: Don't build your movie set in a defunct walk-in freezer. One of the tricks about freezers is they are insulated. Things will get a little steamy. This here is a whole bunch of photos:

Justin with actor Kevin Koch as Cavey

Justin lounging very casually

Cori Shetter as Susan

John Amplas as Dr. Henry Malvoy

Nathan Hollabaugh nursing a post-particle-collision injury as lab assistant Jennings

John Amplas musing on profundities

Nathan Hollabaugh operating a hi-tech supercomputer. Patent pending. 

Justin peering into the abyss

Metering light

Justin Francart. Very candid.

Nathan Hollabaugh and John Amplas poring over experimental results

John Amplas

Photos by Greg Neiser and me. The majority of the movie is in the can, and the cans are out in Seattle getting processed. We shot about 6,800 feet of film. We're feeling really confident right now because we haven't yet gotten the footage back. The movie in our heads is awesome.

Thank you to our crew, both those who were with us the whole time and those who showed up to help out for just a day or two. This production wouldn't have been possible without you. Next time maybe we'll pay you.

And thank you so much to our talented cast. You made our jobs easy.  

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