Friday, September 6, 2013

"Meet Your Maker" Official Trailer and the last vestiges

We haven't met our makers yet. In fact, we're editing. The rough cut of our film is done and we are looking to release it in October. We are about to start work on sound design and image correction. And for you backers, we are also working on your rewards. And also, backers, we want to say thanks again. And we'll keep saying thanks because this project literally could not have happened without you. The fact that you all rallied around us gave us a ton of hope and ambition and got us excited for future projects.

For those of you interested, here's some technical info about "Meet Your Maker."

Negative format: Kodak Double-X b&w negative 16mm film (ASA 200)
Camera: Arriflex SR
Shooting ratio: 10:1 (Approx. 20 400' rolls)
Shooting days: Twelve (May 13-14, May 25-31, June 11, July 10-11)
Processing house: Alpha Cine in Seattle (I'd recommend these guys.)
Telecine format: Apple ProRes 4:2:2
Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Post software: DaVinci Resolve 9

P.S. Why film?
Because the cameras rock (they have viewfinders that don't totally suck and they're simple and durable), the look is great, and it's a reliable archival shooting format. I've had to justify shooting film repeatedly. It's simple - the look fits our story and I like the process. Don't let the digital true believers frighten you away from celluloid. Film isn't some flaky medium, it's a reliable format that's been in constant development for over a hundred years. Ask a painter why she uses expensive oils instead of cheaper acrylics and see what a stupid conversation results. Aesthetic choices are about aesthetics.

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