Monday, March 17, 2014

'Regular Paintings' - a new short film coming soon-ish

Fellow humanoids! We Francarts are excited to announce that we're embarking on another wallet-testing adventure in the film business. Our next short film, "Regular Paintings" is in the works. It stars some familiar faces and some fresh ones as well. We're raising money for the project now, and we're planning to be in production in July.

"Regular Paintings" is a supernatural short concerning a contentedly directionless bartender who must choose between the pressures of the rat race or the warm boozy embrace of the eternal regulars that haunt his bar.

More about this project in the weeks and months to come at yet another website:, our permanent internet home for all things Frilmmaking (Francart + filmmaking = Frilmmaking. Nyuk nyuk nyuk).

Meanwhile, "Meet Your Maker" is still in the hands of capricious festival programmers. We'll be getting word about more acceptances/rejections in the spring and summer. Screenings will begin in earnest late in the summer. Keep you antennae crossed for luck.

Stay tuned.

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